Failure is not an option! My quest for growth.

Failure Is Not An Option - NASA

Sometimes, you just have to set a threshold that you will force yourself to cross, against all odds, regardless of obstacles. Failure to achieve the goals I have set for myself, basically a reset of my personal and professional lives, is not acceptable. When I look back at the last few years, it amazes me how […]

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Teaching & Learning – It all comes full circle!

Classroom Blackboard Teaching

Teaching can come in many forms, and can come about as teaching others or teaching yourself. It is all about a person having the desire to learn and share those learnings. In the not too distant past, I came to the realization that I was intellectually stagnating because I was not learning anything new, and […]

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Cold Brew Coffee – the outcome of my saga to make superb coffee!

Words Best Coffee Sign

As summer comes to a close, most people stop thinking about iced coffee and consider a nice Pumpkin Latte (yes, I do participate in that flavor craze!). Not me, I love iced coffee and require it year round! The trouble is finding good iced coffee. It is not about savings or cost, not about convenience or availability. […]

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Adventures of a City Slicker Berry Picker

Berry Bucket

Who knew blueberry picking could be such an adventure! Earlier this summer, my wife and I attended an Ohio Blogging Association event called the “Sweet-Up” with Edible Cleveland at Mitchell’s Homemade Ice Cream flagship store in Ohio City. It was a great event where we got to hear Mike Mitchell talk about various aspects of […]

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