Wellness in the WordPress Communty

It is four in the afternoon and you just realized you have not eaten breakfast yet.

You get to work and sit at your desk. Three hours later you get up to use the rest room and realize you have been sitting the entire time.

One of your developer friends just tweeted that they are going to knock out all the code needed for a project in one day, with plans to work at least 12-14 hours today. You decide you had better do the same!

You go a whole week without a face-to-face conversation with another adult besides the cashier at your local grocery store.

Do these situations sound familiar? They should! These are all stories I have heard from others (I am guilty of them too!) in the WordPress community (any industry applies actually). They happen more often than you would believe. There are so many things that need to get done in a day that something has to give. What gives? YOU! Your body, your mind…your wellness. Wellness in the WordPress community is a big problem. It is impacting our physical and mental well-being. And that needs to stop. Continue reading Wellness in the WordPress Communty

Goals are important, no matter how small they seem.

Today, I did something I have been planning for about over a year. It might not be a big deal for most people, but this one was important to me.

So I rewarded myself for finally achieving something that meant so much to just me. I don’t drink often, but this was a wonderful change from what I usually drink. 

Thanks to Ryan and Dan for inspiring me to get this insanely expensive (compared to what I usually drink) bottle of nectar. 

Thanks to my wife Nicole for keeping me on path. 

And thanks to a friend out there that helped me get that last 10% done better than I ever thought I could. Owe you one!!!!

Balvenie 14