Goals are important, no matter how small they seem.

Today, I did something I have been planning for about over a year. It might not be a big deal for most people, but this one was important to me.

So I rewarded myself for finally achieving something that meant so much to just me. I don’t drink often, but this was a wonderful change from what I usually drink. 

Thanks to Ryan and Dan for inspiring me to get this insanely expensive (compared to what I usually drink) bottle of nectar. 

Thanks to my wife Nicole for keeping me on path. 

And thanks to a friend out there that helped me get that last 10% done better than I ever thought I could. Owe you one!!!!

Balvenie 14

Impostor Syndrome, The WordPress Community, and Me

I have spent some time this year thinking about what impostor syndrome is and how it impacts me and those around me in the WordPress community. Turns out it can be crippling. Trust me, I know.

I have been on a journey of change and growth for the last few years, both personally and professionally. I went back to school to pursue¬†another degree while working full-time. It wasn’t easy, but I pulled off a 4.0 GPA¬†over 43 credits in 21 months, all while staying very busy at work and not letting my home life miss a beat. You would think that would make me feel like I was worthy of any acclaim that came my way. Well, it didn’t. No matter how much success I achieve (and I have done pretty good in the last year), I still feel like a total fraud and that I do not belong. Continue reading Impostor Syndrome, The WordPress Community, and Me

Failure is not an option! My quest for growth.

Sometimes, you just have to set a threshold that you will force yourself to cross, against all odds, regardless of obstacles. Failure to achieve the goals I have set for myself, basically a reset of my personal and professional lives, is not acceptable.

When I look back at the last few years, it amazes me how much I have grown both personally and professionally. There was a point not long ago (it seems like a lifetime ago now) where I realized I needed to make some changes. Life was not bad; I didn’t need to be rescued from misery. Instead, I realized I had some goals (personal AND professional) I wanted to achieve in the coming years that require me to make some shifts in the direction my life was headed. I had to embark on a journey, and failure was not an option. Continue reading Failure is not an option! My quest for growth.