About rkoffy

Idle rumblings….hmmm, what’s an idle rumbling. Honestly, it was an autocorrect fail. I was telling a friend about my idle ramblings and ramblings autocorrected to rumblings.

It stuck.

Me and my rumblings….that is why you are here.

  • I may rumble about a place I just ate at (I love trying new things, and have had so many people say I needed to start a food blog).
  • I may rumble about the latest gadget about to hit the market (I am very much an Apple aficionado, but love all gadgets!).
  • I may rumble about good coffee, bad coffee, coffee in general.
  • And finally, I may rumble about some trend in technology, or “the internet”, or anything else considered techie.
  • Oh, and let’s not forget, I may just randomly rumble about anything. You never know what is churning around my mind.

All of these rumblings are things I have always enjoyed. Food. Tech. Gadgets. Coffee. Yep, that pretty much sums me, rkoffy, up.